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Happy birthday to my mom!!

Tell me what you really think...
Poll #405534 BYOB?

What does BYOB mean?

Build Your Own Burrito
Bring Your Own Beer
Bring Your Own Bottle

Ok, so the question really means...

Someone's throwing a party and says it's BYOB. What is the most commonly accepted meaning of BYOB?

What Latin Noun Case Are You??? by TigerBotEdge
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Your Latin Noun CaseYou are the Vocative Case. Hate to break it to you, but not many people notice you except when they're calling you names behind your back. But hey, you almost always look just like a Nominative, so maybe you can slink by without anyone noticing. Lots of luck with that...Just don't refer to yourself as 'Great One'. It's a dead giveaway.
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That's a fairly accurate description of my relationship with the vocative case.

So I gave in and got on facebook. Just like I gave in and got a livejournal. I am such a follower! Anyway, look me up if I haven't found you already!

A Public Post about my Grandma
In group therapy today, we talked a lot about the deaths of loved ones, which has made me think of my Grandma, the first person in my life to die. I wanted to make a public post about her because I know from my few and scattered memories of her and from what others have said that she was a remarkable woman.

She died when I was seven, a time I did not really understand what death was. I remember the night before one of our gerbils had died, so in the morning when my mom sat me down to tell me 'bad news', I thought another gerbil had died. But she told me Grandma had died during the night and that she had driven to Farmersville. I think I was more astonished by the news that you can actually drive at night and that my mom could stay awake that long than by the news of my grandmother's death. I just didn't know what it meant.

I remember being in Grandma's kitchen and seeing my daddy cry. It was the first time I'd ever seen my dad cry. I remember seeing him and my mom hugging, and that they were significantly taller then than they are now. I don't remember much about my grandfather at that time. He'd already had two strokes and to my young mind all he ever did was sit in his chair, blow his nose really loud, and look like a cute old man. He was really cute. There were so many people at Grandma's house, I had no idea what was going on.

I remember being at the funeral home. Again, I had no idea what was going on or why all the people were there. To me Grandma's death was not a great big deal. She was just dead, right? I was too young to know how much that really mattered. I remember sitting on a couch and seeing so many old people. Daddy came to sit by me and asked if I wanted to go see the body. I said no, because I really didn't want to get up and wade through all the people and I'd never seen a dead body before. So he asked me if I wanted to say a prayer, and I said yes because I knew that's what he wanted me to say. So we sat on a little couch in the middle of the funeral home and prayed. That really gets me everytime I think about it. First, I regret not having seen the body. What I wouldn't give now for one more memory of my Grandma. Second, that my dad prayed with me. Or maybe for me. I thought he was so silly at the time, that praying was a silly thing to do. He loved Grandma so much, even though he was the son-in-law he says he always felt like the son.

I don't remember the service, or being at the cemetary. And I don't remember the first time I really missed Grandma. Now, I think that seven is old enough to understand death and don't know why I didn't. Maybe it's not old enough, I was only in the first grade. I know in the last 11 years I've cried a lot for her and for me. Over how unfair it is that my older cousins got so much more time with her. How she didn't get to see me graduate, didn't get to see me in band, how she won't be at my wedding or see my children. How she was the grandparent I was most likely to be very close to but she was the first to die.

So, that's my story about my grandmother. I guess it's dedicated to Rachel in my therapy group and the friends she lost, and to Elizabeth and her family over the recent loss of her grandmother.
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For the liberals... and the women... and the men.Collapse )

In response to Don's journal entry
which was in response to Brad's journal entry, all the rest of my entries will be for 'Friends Only' for the sake of my sanity. :) This will (probably) be my last 'public' post as I've set the minimum security level to 'friends' already, so if you want me to add you as a friend so you can continue reading my journal (which is *so* exciting) just comment here. As long as you arn't someone's mother or one of my teachers, I won't have any problem letting you read my journal. :)
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Main Entry: hi·a·tus
Pronunciation: hI-'A-t&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from hiare to yawn -- more at YAWN
Date: 1563
1 a : a break in or as if in a material object : GAP
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Main Entry: hi·a·tus
Pronunciation: hI-'A-t&s
Function: noun
Etymology: Latin, from hiare to yawn -- more at YAWN
Date: 1563
1 a : a break in or as if in a material object : GAP <the hiatus between the theory and the practice of the party -- J. G. Colton> b : a gap or passage in an anatomical part or organ
2 a : <u>an interruption in time or continuity : BREAK</u> b : the occurrence of two vowel sounds without pause or intervening consonantal sound

"Plus you have this camera crew taping everything, why?"
Scully: *smiling and looking directly in the camera* "Because the FBI has nothing to hide."

It's almost been a week since I've gotten any comments *cry* Where's the love man, where's the love?!

Just what *did* the government do?
"Just look what they did to JFK"
"JFK? What did they do to him?"
"Dallas?! 1963?! Hello!"

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