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I keep writing to Senator Cornyn... maybe I have a secret crush!
The Daily Show and the fact that the nomination of Justice Owens is out of committee (10-8 vote along party lines) inspired me.  If I suspect people aren't reading it, I'm going to take out the LJcut and *then* you'll be sorry!

Senator Cornyn,

One of the things that make America so great is that America protects the rights of minorities.  Our founding fathers understood that might does not make right.  The filibuster is one thing in the Senate which protects the rights of the minority.  If there are not 60 votes in the Senate to overturn a filibuster, there is obviously an issue which must be addressed.  It indicates that nearly half of the Senate does not support what the filibuster is against.  In this case it is extreme judges.  Judges should be unbiased persons who are able to listen to cases without preconceptions.  </p>


Let me take a moment to talk about Justice Owens.  Justice Owens has been criticized by her fellow colleagues on the Texas Supreme Court for letting her personal feelings against a woman’s right to choose go beyond the letter of the law.  Her dissent in “FM Properties Operating Co v. City of Austin” was called  by a fellow Justice “nothing more than inflammatory rhetoric [which] merits no response,” a quote which I have read in many places attributed to U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales when he was serving on the Texas Supreme Court.  In that same case, the majority of the Texas Supreme Court also said that Justice Owens legal objections were mistaken and simply unconstitutional. 


Justice Owens has written extreme opinions on the issues of a woman’s right to choose and on the environment.  Her dissents consistently favor corporate and business interests instead of individual and consumer interests. 


The Democratic minority has voted on more than 200 judicial nominations.  The 10 on which they filibustered are judges who hold views far from the majority of Americans and could not in any way be considered moderate.  These judges would undoubtedly try to legislate through the judicial system, which I know for a fact you do not approve of as I have seen, numerous times, footage of you explaining that whatever violence there is against judges, they brought upon themselves for being activists. 


The filibuster is an important part of making all voices in the Senate heard, even the voices of the minority opinion.  The filibuster is vital to keeping one group from having total power in the Senate.  I hope you will consider my stance on this issue and accurately represent my opinion.  Thank you.


My name here!!

I'm also planning on printing it out to send to Senator Cornyn and to some Dem's offices to let them know that there are people in contact with Cornyn about the filibuster.  If you would like to steal one sentence, one paragraph, or the entire body of my letter to send to John Cornyn... I give you my permission!! It's ok to just send one or two sentences expressing your opinion. 


I totally have a secret crush on you.

I guess it isn't a secret anymore